The name "Haven" implies safety - a place of rest for the weary. On the ocean, ships will seek refuge in a harbor because only there will they find shelter from a storm.
Over the years, that is exactly how God has used Haven Ministries. Millions of people have found comfort and encouragement in our Christ-focused programs. However, providing comfort isn't the main reason we're here.

If you've been listening to us for long you know we talk a lot about the "great story . . . it's all about Jesus". This idea is central. It's the north point on our compass and our message regardless of the topic.

The "great story" aspect recognizes that human history - the past, present, and future - is a story that God is writing. We're all part of it, but ultimately the story isn't about us - it's about God.

The main character is Jesus. It begins with him and ends with him. Every story points to him. He's the hero, the rescuer, and the only true shelter we can run to.

When the storms of life seem ready to capsize us there is only truth that gives us hope - Jesus is in the boat with us and he is master of the wind and the waves!

So at Haven, we make one promise. Whatever the day, whatever the topic, we'll be pointing to Jesus - because he is the one and only Haven of Rest.

A well-known and respected Los Angeles radio personality in the early 1930's, Paul Myers' life was out of control. His success had brought him no happiness and his alcoholism had even forced his wife to kick him out, though she continued to pray for his salvation and recovery.

Reduced to the life of a homeless alcoholic, Paul Myers sought refuge in a San Diego church service. After being turned away because of his repellent and drunken appearance, Myers went back to his cheap hotel and started reading the Gideon Bible. Convicted of his sin and devastated by his circumstances, he sought forgiveness and professed faith in Christ. One month later he was back on the radio, but this time as a broken man saved by grace -- it was 1934 and The Haven of Rest radio broadcast had begun.

Since that time, God has used this ministry to bring thousands to faith in Christ. Now called HAVEN Today, the daily broadcast airs on more than 600 stations in North America and around the world. Through the Anchor daily devotional guide, thousands more are encouraged each day to live their lives through Christ and for Christ.

Haven Ministries is united with one common purpose . . . to tell the Great Story that's all about Jesus.

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